With ‘Let’s Get Online’ you can:

  • Find out where to get practical help
  • Get to know more about the internet
  • Practice your internet skills
  • Feel more confident about using the internet.

Why should I get online?

The internet has improved people’s lives. And it could improve yours. Whether it’s through keeping up with distant friends and family, saving money on household bills, applying for a job or even catching up on your favourite TV programme. Knowing how to use the internet can make life a little easier and help you complete everyday tasks quicker.

Where do I start learning about the internet?

There are learning centres, libraries and other locations all over Scotland where people are learning how to use the internet. Enter your postcode to find out what’s available near you. Find a coursebutton-arrow

Where can I get some practice?

On this website you’ll find lots of information about the internet. We’ve covered the main things you need to know in the Learning Hub. You can come back to the Learning Hub at any time. It will always be there for you to learn at your own pace.