10 tips for helping someone get online

It’s great that you’re helping someone to get online.

Here are our top tips that will assist you in helping them make the most of the internet.


Remember that learning new things take lots of practise and encouragement

Take things slowly and don’t be afraid to repeat steps if appropriate


Show (as well as tell) your friend or relative how to do things using the internet

Keep things relevant – show your friend or relative things that they’re interested in, e.g. sport, history or shopping


Be patient with your friend or relative even if they get frustrated themselves

Remember that many people have never used a computer before, so even teaching someone to use a mouse can take time


Let them have a go – people often say that the best way to learn is do it themselves and be free to make mistakes

Keep things as simple as possible and try not to use jargon or complicated terms


Remind them of the benefits of being online – e.g. staying in touch with friends and family, and saving money on household bills

Work through the ‘Let’s Get Online’ Learning Hub together and help them with any questions they might have (if you’re unsure about how to answer something – there’s always Google!)