Getting to grips with searching the internet

Searching online is really helpful if you need to find information quickly using the internet. The most popular way to search for information online is to use a search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Top tips for using search engines:

  • Use specific phrases to find what you’re looking for (e.g. weather in Edinburgh tomorrow)
  • Don’t worry about bad spelling – search engines usually correct spelling for you
  • Use the ‘images’ tab to search for pictures
  • Use quotation marks to narrow your search, e.g. ‘Women’s walking boots’

Here are some exercises you can try for some quick-practice:

Exercise 1 – Visit a few different search engines
Open your web browser and enter the following web addresses into the address bar. Use your navigation buttons and your address bar to move from website to website.

  1. hint-boxGoogle –
  2. Yahoo –
  3. Bing –

Exercise 2 – Practice using a search engine
Open your web browser and enter a search engine web address into the address bar. Once you’re on the search engine page, use the search box to find the answers to the following questions. Use your navigation buttons to get back to the search engine page in between each question.

  1. When your local library is open
  2. What the weather is like in Toronto
  3. The time of the next train to Glasgow
  4. The ingredients for banana pancakes