Using the internet has many advantages – education, browsing, buying and selling online, keeping in touch with friends, family or work colleagues.  It is also important to be aware and know how to protect yourself and others whilst online.

There are a few simple steps you can follow:

  • protect your computer and devices – using strong passwords and anti-virus software
  • keep social media profiles private – don’t add people you don’t know
  • protect your money online – use trusted sites
  • don’t open emails/attachments from people/organisations you don’t know
  • be careful about what you post
  • report online crime and abuse to the police

For more advice visit the Guide to Staying Safe Online at

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Tips for keeping your Business Safe Online:

  • use strong passwords and user accounts
  • train staff about online threats
  • use firewalls and security software
  • have a business continuity plan
More information available at's: National Cyber Security Centre's:

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Work through the section on safety which will help you follow the steps above to keep you safe online and protect the computer, smartphone or tablet you are using. Staying Safe Onlinebutton-arrow